Zorica Dušan Nikić

Zorica Dušan Nikić



Zorica Dušan Nikić, painter, collage artist, iconographer and photographer was born in 1971 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As a young child, she moved to Serbia where she attended school and currently, lives and works in Zemun, Serbia. 

My River, My Dreams, Stara Kapetanija Gallery, Zemun, Serbia, 2020.

My Zemun, Stara Kapetanija Gallery, Zemun, Serbia, 2019.

Belgrade is the city where I create. Mala galerija Doma vojske Srbije, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019.

Art Today. Gallery NBS, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019. Small format mosaic. Small Gallery ULUPUDS-a, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018.

Zemun Salon. Art Gallery Stara Kapetanija, Belgrade, Serbia, 2020.

Generally, as an artist, I have found inspiration in music and old movies. Music has always played an important role in my life. I have often found inspiration in naming my artworks after poems. Particularly, I have been drawn to the works of Wim Wenders and David Lynch. I find the beauty in their visual expression. I like abandoned places and old objects. They give me stories about people and places I have been along my own way. My artworks are in many ways like flashbacks.

2021. Doctoral candidate in applied painting. Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade.

2017. Master’s Degree in conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas. Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

2016. Bachelor’s Degree. Graduate conservator and restorer of Icons. Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Art and Conservation, Department of Conservation and Restoration.

2018. Aleksandar Tomašević Award, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

2018. Branko Šotra Award, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.