Suki Medenčević, ASC

Suki Medenčević, ASC

Bosnia & Herzegovina | United States

Suki Medenčević was born in Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He earned his masters degree with honors in cinematography at renowned National Film School (FAMU), Prague, Czech Republic.

In a desire to further his career as a cinematographer, Suki decided to move to Los Angeles, California, and worked primarily in the production of motion pictures and television.

His love for still photography is something that was always a part of Suki’s professional and personal life. He is very passionate still photographer with several solo and group exhibits on his resume.

The most recent photography exhibit “Windows to the World-Windows to the Soul” was a big success in Los Angeles and it is currently on the tour in Europe.

In 2010 Suki became a member of American Cinematographers Society, the ASC, world’s most prestigious cinematographers’ organization. He is a member of the ASC Photo Gallery comity and very actively participates in its programs.

Suki, a proud husband and father, currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Solo exhibits in Los Angeles, California, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgrade, Serbia and Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Group exhibitions at the American Society of Cinematographers, Derventa, Bosnia.

Visual storytelling has been Suki’s lifelong passion.

Working as a cinematographer in the narrative world of film, television and documentaries, his dedication to the story told by the light, composition and camera movement is always deeply rooted in his still photography.

His filmmaker’s eyes are always actively looking for the moments in life that when captured as a still image can communicate in one frame the same idea as if it were a part of the film scene. In the same manner, he is fascinated by the interaction of light and texture, geometry and people, which sometimes creates a beautiful harmony or sometimes collides in a dramatic way.

Suki’s cinematic background is clearly present in his portrait photography.
There is a strong and intimate connection between his camera and the subject giving us a glimpse into the human soul regardless if it is a Mayan girl in Guatemala or a random Roma girl behind the fence fascinated by the wedding that she can’t attend.

Suki’s still photography represents a true labor of love and dedication. For Suki, photography will always be a passion and probably, never a profession.

MFA in cinematography at National Film School FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic.