Nevena Maksimović

Nevena Maksimović



Nevena Maksimovic was born in 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the College of fine and applied arts vocational studies, class of 2009.

She has participated in 17 group exhibitions and eight solo exhibitions at home and abroad.

An independent artist and member of ULUPUDS since 2016, Nevena works with drawing, graphics, multimedia art and painting.

Nevena lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Modern gallery Gornji Milanovac, Cultural centar Gornji Milanovac, 2019.

Transformart gallery, Belgrade, 2017.

Vujadinović Gallery, Belgrade, 2016

UK Parobrod Belgrade, 2015.

Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, Belgrade, as part of Museums Serbia ten days from 10 to 10, 2015.

ROOM 8 – 8 ARTISTS – 8 solo exhibitions / ART MARKET, House of King Peter, Belgrade, 2014.

6th biennale of small format aquarelle. Gallery of University cultural center, New Belgrade 2019.

100th year anniversary of ULUS, Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade 2019.

Krajiski likovni salon, Railway museum, Belgrade, 2018.

Aquarelle exhibition, Neocolony, Ada Belgrade, Paviljon Cvijeta Zuzoric, 2018.

Art market nine, Ciglana, Belgrade, 2018

Future Perfect, Transformart gallery, 2018

In my work I follow the flow of thoughts and moods of the inner initial idea through information, connections and relationships that have collected in the outer environment. From these elements depends the form and content of images which are through the series connected to each other.Representation are universal and can be transferred to anyone. The approach is a narrative, but not a diminished monumental experience. As a medium I choose the drawing, multi-media art and painting.

College of fine and applied arts vocational studies, class of 2009.