Jovana Popović Benišek

Jovana Popović Benišek

Sremski, Karlovci


Born March 22, 1965 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Jovana is the founder and owner of the Museum of Matches, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.

Jovana lives and works in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.

A simplified, but still stratified structure of her recent work represents a proof of her significant distance from something already seen. She has dematerialised elements from nature by her own sense, in order to create surrealistic cosmic order, indispensable as a counterpoise to chaos of valuation criteria and aesthetics of dishonesty. The sky, clearings, hills, rivers or seas, have become colourful spots and lights; trees and fences geometrical forms or expressive strokes. Everything is subordinated to a pure fine art and necessity of plastic structure, woven of clearly defined monolith coloured surfaces, some verticals, circle or broken lines. Nothing hinders coupling in-between art of nature and nature of art.

Ljubica Miljkovic, Art Historian, The National Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

1989. Salon 79, Novi Sad, Sebia

1994. Galerije SULUV-a, Novi Sad, Serbia

1998. Galerija Vojvođanske banke, Novi Sad, Serbia

2000. Galerija Pečat, Novi Sad, Serbia

2001. Galerija Kutaš, Budimpešta, Hungary 2003. Galerija 73, Belgrade, Serbia

2003. Chateau Pertuisier Morteau, France Galerija K, Bezanson, France

Painting Department of the Academy of Arts University of Novi Sad. in 1989,.

Master of Applied Monumental Painting, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. 2013.

First prize for painting, on the Autumn Salon of the Cultural Center of Sremski Karlovci