Deep In Us


Jovana Popović Benišek

Size: 37 H x 56 W x 0.1 cm

Ships in a cardboard box.


Drawing: Ink, Oil Pastel and Watercolor on Paper.

Where does this ship sail?

I have always been attracted to the sea. The sound of the sea – the pulse of the sea, its continuous movement, high breathing.

Beauty and music lie in the depths; her irresistible dance draws with incalculable strength, a tireless spirit of freedom. In its innumerable moods, the sea whispers, singing, shrubs “the deepest note of the planet’s refrain”. If there is something magical on this planet then it is in the clear openness of the water. We could search for a heart that would be like the sea, always open and free, joyfully as the freedom of the soul.

Joy is the vital state of our soul. When we get rid of the border, it sings the anthem to life. A joyful clap that is heard up to the top of the sky and does not bring joy to the bottom of the ocean.

Joy always gives away the beauty of life by itself, the life of the way it is.

Keywords: Beauty of Life, Harmony, Love, Joy, Balance

Subjects: Boat

Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, IntimismFine Art

Mediums: Ink, Oil PastelWatercolor

Materials: Paper

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 56 × 0.1 cm
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