Merima Ivković

Merima Ivković

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Born in 1983, in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH), Merima is
a freelance artist under the auspices of Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Merima Lives and works in Mostar, BIH and Sarajevo BIH.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

The Poetics of Light, Gallery Roman Petrovic, Sarajevo 2019



Graduated at University „Džemal Bijedić“ department of art, Postgraduated Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo

Recognitions Awards and Prizes

Award for experimental drawing, Annal Drawing Exhibition, 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Artist Statement

As a little girl with eyes wide open, looking into the world where things are losing its illusion, in that small creature occurs an insight that miracles are possible and that they are all around us. This path was undoubtedly the path of art. The challenge was just to stay on that path and be consistent. That everything is not just a fairy tale indicated the maze of life in all its forms, which is at the same time the pressure under which matter in my hands gets its new life.

The process through which I have been going trough testifies to the cycles of works of Peculiar Landscapes, which are certainly not expected idyllic landscapes but the landscapes of desolation and darkness left behind by war. All the way up of the search for light which results in the cycles of the Trace of Light and the current cycle that I have been working on, named the Poetics of Light.

Capture the light and to collect it in the syntax of the work of art is the aspiration and alchemical process, that comes out of my studio.