Irena Kuzmanović

Irena Kuzmanović

Belgrade, Serbia

Irena was born in 1989 in Zagreb. In 2012 she completed basic Applied Painting academic studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and was recognized as the student of the generation. In 2015 she completed her master studies at the same faculty.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012. “Exhibition of the Best”, Gallery of the Academy of fine Arts, Belgrade


Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade/ Master studies in painting

Recognitions Awards and Prizes

2017 First prize in category I (two-dimensional works of art) at the 8th International Exhibition “Art in Exhibition” Art in Miniature Majdanart 2017″, Majdanpek

Artist Statement

The works created by Irena subtly introduce the observers into her life, indicating who she and those around her actually are. in this case the artist and the work are inseparable from each other.

In these paintings she recreated old family photos, merging several of them into one, mixing recorder memories and creating new ones at the same time. The female figure with a cigarette is he mother, the dog is her dog, the girl is herself – maybe.

Precisely by focusing on the intimate, she achieves a sence of comprehensiveness. It is easy to connect with her 
works – as much as they are visually and technically reduced they are also abundant in gentle allusions.

Watercolor is a technique that derived from Irena’s personal and artistic maturing. Each painting presents a risk. By not edging the surface she will paint with a pencil, the artist leaves the colour to spill while she “listens” to it. The results are amazingly precise figures while white surfaces – an absence from artistic intervention – leave alternating hints of the body, that is, of the clothing which in an impression of penetration of the outside world, that is, of the background into the form of her paintings.