Dragana Pajković Dodig

Dragana Pajković Dodig

Belgrade, Serbia

Born in 1968 in Belgrade, Serbia, Dragana graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in Belgrade in 1998.

A member of Association of fine artist of Serbia (ULUS) since 1999, she has participated in over 18 art colony festivals, more than 80 group exhibitions of graphic prints, paintings, drawings and watercolors internationally.

She was also a participant and organizer of five humanitarian fashion shows between 1996-2003 and over 10 solo and group exhibitions of interior design from 2003-2008.

Her artworks are currently in over 30 public and private collection’s around the world.

Dragana lives and works  in Belgrade, Serbia.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018. Performing art, DaliStyle, FabrianoIn Art, Fabriano, Italy;

2017. Bel aquarel en Jouy , Gallery Poïèsis des Arts, Paris, France;

2017. Museum of matches, Karlovci;

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016. Fabriano in Aquarello 2016. convention, Milan; 1st IWS Pakistan International Watercolor Contest 


1998. Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of painting in Belgrade, Serbia.

Recognitions, Awards and Prizes

2018. September – Sunny Art Prize London


Artist Statement

Transforming the inspiration obtained from nature, I assemble my paintings by using colours and shapes and grouping them to form genuine associative landscapes. Theme cycles, as well as their names, account for the stream of consciousness and the development from nature to associative abstraction. Some materials that I use on my paintings have been taken straight from nature – sand, palm tree bark, crushed stone etc. They stand there in opposition to the white of the paste and the colours of the lines.

Roads, Passages, Tracks, Crevices, Falls, Settlements, Light, Delusions – when put all together, they make a journey, which art actually is – A journey into the Unknown. Landscape is the setting for artist’s life narration.

Inspiration comes from natural shadows, light, texture of mountains, transparency of water…Thought puts them all together, and then the artistic imagination and skill projects them onto the canvas in perfect harmony.

The easiest way to understand and accept my paintings is to look at them for a while and then perhaps try to catch the breath of my soul.

Try to enjoy yourselves…