Biljana Janković

Niš, Serbia

Biljana Jankovic was born in Niš, Serbia in 1974. She Graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, Montenegro, where she completed her Masters studies in Painting.

In her career, Biljana has participated in numerous solo exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions in Montenegro and abroad.

Currently Biljana lives and works in Niš, Serbia.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

“Traces of Translation” wall installation, City Gallery Kotor, Montenegro (2008)

Selected Projects and Workshops

“Dialogue Among Civilizations” inkjet prints, Art for Humanity, Durban, South Africa (2010)


2006 Art colony Bogutovacka Banja 2006 Kraljevo, Serbia 


Masters degree in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro, 2005.

Recognitions, Awards and Prizes

First Prize for painting from Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, Montenegro (2001)

Artist Statement

In the series of drawings entitled “Manuscript”, the works reflect my search focused on the problem of limitations (personal, technique and media, constraints of the environment as well as exhibition space), that is, the search for alternative approaches to these constraints.

I impose the need for repetition and the loss of meaning by repeating one and the same, by repeating one sentence that is copied by overlapping and cancelling the previously written, without space and pause, in the given format, in a particular, separate time that is thus established. In monotonous copying, the meaning of the sentence is quickly lost, which by repetition remains a learned routine of the manuscript-line. However, it is impossible to repeat one thing in exactly the same way, even through simple repetition, so through this meditative process that lasts for hours, there remains a trace as a drawing of different textures, so the overview of the results of the process is spatial as a two-dimensional black and white image.

A series of works has been created since 2014 to date and the sentence-schema-cliché has changed over time, from personal messages over quotations-slogans. The need to find the one universally applicable at any time and place meets the criteria is as follows: “The public has been demonstrating for months: they want access to water and electricity, they want a solution for garbage treatment and, most probably, they want a new president.” The previous ones are also in English as it allows me the desired distance, and the statements are more extrovert than in my mother tongue.

The most recent works are three-dimensional and these are “written” carton boxes. They are sized to fit into one another, and all sides are done, inside and outside.

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